Social Competence Essay

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Essay On Social Competence

The physical environment within an early childhood setting can be detrimental to children’s behaviour through their developmental stages. Social competence corresponds with positive behaviour because lack of engagement to the child’s environment may cause a child to respond by boredom, chaotic behaviour, unable to express themselves through language, lack of concentration and overall developmental challenges (Porter, 2008, pp. 164). It is the responsibility of the educator’s in their given centre’s to observe children’s learning allowing educators to positively address children’s needs regarding their social learning. Strategies must be implemented by educator’s to ensure resources within the centre are
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34). It is imperative that educator’s view children’s language between them and among the other children to establish their development in language, as well as recognise their interests within the environment.

Simultaneously, along with communication must follow guided learning. In the early years educator’s need to allow children to express themselves freely and learn through play. Thus it is the educator’s duty to allow the child to co-exist with the learning material which means educator’s must have room for flexibility. Shareholders of the centre such as parents/guardians and other family members to the children can be a useful resource in creating positive physical environments whilst promoting positive behaviours.
The educator, learner and environment within the centre are at highest priority when it comes to capabilities of learning, however outside influences can also affect children’s learning. These outside layers are dense and can significantly influence the way the child behaves, interacts and learns in the environment. Children often bring their ‘virtual backpack’ everyday into the centre life. Their home environment influences children, what they learn from their families and what they bring into the classroom. For example what may be acceptable at home may not be within the setting.
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