Social Competency And Social Competence

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Social Competence Introduction We communicate with different people every day under varieties of circumstances. Fundamental to the high social competence of a person is raised from repeated trials of communication and interactions. Social competence, which is important for a leader, is generally defined as the ability to maintain and establish a positive social and interpersonal relationship as well as to settle its conflicts (Ma, 2012). This essay examines social competence with five related concepts that are social sensitivity, social expressiveness, social control, social performance and social adjustment. After that, two daily experiences involving social competence will be discussed and to reflect on my personal growth and the development of my future profession.…show more content…
Social expressiveness is defined as the skills concerning to the verbal speaking and inviting others to the social communication (Riggio, 1986). In addition, Riggio and Carney (2003) suggest that being a coach, give a public speaking is the examples of performing social expressiveness. With more experience to express yourself in the public situation, people can learn how to express themselves in a clearer and proper way so that they can improve the understanding and the future communication with others. Fundamental to an emergence and progression of a leader is having good social expressiveness since they can inspire other colleagues to follow their orders (Carson, 2011). Besides, leaders need to give some feedback to their teammates according to their performance and attitude as well as invite them to get involved in the discussion. As a result, the whole team can continue to operate and work effectively (Riggio & Reichard, 2008). However, social control is a must to accompany with social expressiveness during an interaction in order to become an influential
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