Social Conditions Of The Ontario Human Rights Commission

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According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, social condition is defined as the prohibited ground of discrimination and harassment in human rights legislation which include sex, age, and place of origin (" Ontario Human Rights Commission," n.d.). This means the way a society deals with providing its community with the necessary resources such as jobs, diversity, healthcare, food, education and security. This is done by providing equality and is considered the social conditions that impact a community positively or negatively over time. Thus social conditions affects the quality of life on every level in our community, as individuals, institutionally and politically.

The social conditions of a society can change over time or demographic due to the influence of external factors. I myself growing up have seen health and wellness my community change over the years, due to these external factors as we will see it’s a cascade effect. On an institutional level education is an important social condition because it forges a path for people to get better job opportunities later in life. Thus when people are denied or not provided with proper education or given lesser of education on the institutional level we will have an increase in the unemployment rates in our community, increasing the amount of people needing benefits from our government. This was a very big problem during jim Crow era it was slowly settled by the integration of public schools. Today it is another arising…
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