Social Conflict Caused By The Arrival Of Large Numbers Of Undocumented Immigrants

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Question 4.What could be done to resolve the social conflict caused by the arrival of large numbers of undocumented immigrants in rich nations?
What has worked in America during its first 200 years was assimilation. It was rocky in the beginning but as second and third generations were born here, the differences all but disappeared in many ethnic groups. The British have been somewhat successful in assimilating the Muslim immigrants into British society and yet there are still extremists who terrorize British citizens. That is discouraging. I believe that offering immigrants opportunities for education, job training and interaction with society can help. The main focus of the article we were assigned was France. The French are not
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They look for someone to blame for the situation they are in and a place to put the anger and injustice they are feeling.
I think educational opportunities and language skills should be a requirement for every immigrant. If we are going to accept refugees – which I believe we should – then we need to have social programs to help them to navigate the societies they find themselves in and provide them with financial, emotional and social support systems until they can stand alone. This all costs money and I believe all the rich countries of the world should work together to foot the bill. It’s not fair to leave Italy and Greece to absorb all the African refugees and it has been satisfying to note that The European Union has stepped up with financial aid in the last few days. In a thoughtful commentary published by the Wall Street Journal in June of 2014, the following suggestions were proposed: “There is no doubt that Mare Nostrum is expensive, costing Italy an estimated €9 million a month. But those costs would be manageable if they were spread more evenly across EU countries. The EU has a humanitarian aid budget of €1 billion annually, which amounts to about 1% of the EU 's total budget. Considering that Mare Nostrum is directed to the ultimate humanitarian purpose—saving lives—the costs seem easier to justify.
“. . . There is no reason
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