Social Conflict Theory And Education Essay

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According to social-conflict theory, education maintains the social inequality in the United States. Schools may attempt to teach the same curriculum as one another, but no two schools can be the exact same. Even the students who go to the same school are not the same. Each student has a different social class, background, and family. These three topics are involved in some of the main problems with the United States educational system. The first problem with the U.S. educational system is that the type of education a child will receive depends on the wealth of their parents. Tracking systems in schools have started to separate the students into low and upper tracks. The lower tracks tend to be filled with students of minorities and low-incomes, while the upper tracks are filled with the wealthier children. These tracks get different levels of education where the upper tracks succeed and the lower tracks get low self-esteem. As a result, their academic performance can also be reduced. Students with wealthier parents get access to a higher education, while other students get sent to the cheapest school their parents can afford. Money is the largest blockade for low-income families to get a higher education. In fact, the income of family can predict college attendance. According to the Huffington Post, “…82 percent of affluent students who had SAT scores over 1200 graduate from college. In contrast, only 44 percent of low-income students with the same high SAT scores
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