Social Construct On Gender Roles Essay

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Ailyn V. Gutierrez Romanes
Professor Hussein Elali
ENC 1101
5 December 2016
Social Construct on Gender Roles Social constructs are ideas that are created by societies that are not representations of reality. Usually ideas that are socially constructed are seen as the norm because they have prevailed within societies for several years. These ideas have developed as generations have passed them on and as societies have become more liberal. Social constructs can range from various topics but, in gender roles social constructs have caused a significant impact because these ideas dictate what is wrong and what is right for men and women to do. The rules that societies have created for each gender have been modified over the years, but they have affected the decisions that each person makes and has led to disagreements when something out of the norm is done. The reason that some of these ideas have changed over time is because family dynamics have changed, education is more accessible and societies have become more advanced. As societies and communities developed they began to transform family dynamics. The socially constructed idea of gender that was originally created for the family was that the men had to work and the women had to stay at home and take care of household chores. These ideas were constructed base on past societies and communities but in today’s societies it is an idea that happens but rarely because societies today are constructed differently. According to the…
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