Social Construction Of Male Dominance Essay

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High maternal mortality in African countries has often been linked to the practice of male dominance (patriarchy). According to Kinanee and Ezekiel-Hart (2009p.1) patriarchy is defined “as the dominance of men over women, patriarchy describes a family structure or society where the man is, as of right, the head of the family and regarded by the women as the lord and master whose decision (about any and all issues, including those of maternal health) is final”. It encourages men’s access to resources control. Male dominance entails that women are to depend almost entirely on men in making every decision that affects the family including, but not limited to the number of babies to have, when to get pregnant, usage or non- usage of contraceptives, whether or not to go for antenatal care, to mention a few), even when they are directly affected by such decisions (Kinanee and Ezekiel-Hart 2009). Gender is the social construction of roles allocated to men and women (O’ Brien and White 2003). These roles vary geographically and change over time (O’ Brien and White 2003). The conventional system in many African countries lay out specific roles that both men and women are to perform in their families and communities. For instance, from childhood boys are instilled with the mentality that they were to be strong and hardworking, so as to be able to effectively take care of their wives. Girls, on the other hand, were to focus solely on the domestic activities. They were to

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