Social Construction Of Reality Essay

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The social construct of reality is the historical process by which our experiences become categories and treated as things (Roy 5). Historical process is the process itself in which an idea becomes reified over time thus becoming accepted and used normally (Roy 19). Defining the social construction of reality as a historical process is the formation of accepted categories over a period of time; in other words, the “facts” that were once just ideas, “take on a reality of their own” (Roy 19) thus being the process of how things become a reality. The historical process of state and the modern state is compiled by the issues that arose in order to overthrow old rules and norms to then replace them with new ones better suited and accepted (O’neil 36). The state is a “monopoly of force over a given territory but also a set of political institutions that help create and implement policy to resolve conflict”…show more content…
The concept of model minority arose within the black/white racial paradigm and challenged it (Wu 7). Whereas the black/white binary was the primary norm of racial America, the Asian model minority disrupted this reality and impaled it’s way to a new reality. The model minority was not imposed by the minority itself but it was imposed upon them in which they were categorized as a “racial group distinct from the white majority, but lauded as well as assimilated upwardly mobile politically non threatening, and definitely not black” (Wu 2). This reasoning came to hold place as the outcome of a series of intersecting political, social, and cultural imperatives that eventually restructured America’s racial order (Wu 3). This reality became the result of the historical process that began with them being strongly disliked and ended with them embodying what was expected of
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