Social Construction Of Reality / Pg

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Social construction of reality/pg. 117: The use of background assumptions and life experiences to define what is real.

Throughout the video documentary on migrants trying to make a living, social construction of reality shaped the way they thought about the world. Most of the people revolved their life around family and the Catholic church. The way they were brought up and raised gave them another viewpoint on the world around them. The life experiences they had to go through, such as traveling from state to state to find work, made them think differently than most other people in the United States. Because of the lack of jobs where they were, the attitude when they did find a job was shaped around a grateful attitude. Even though the conditions were awful, the work load was heavy, and the pay was not great, any work these people could find they were jumping at the gun. There are not that many people in America that would work gruesome hours out in the roasting hot fields for the amount of pay these people were receiving. Because of the immigrants background and life experiences, they were taught to work hard and have an attitude that in the end will keep them alive. In their world, family and religion remained a huge part of life. Because of their religion, they remained strong and somewhat hopeful. The other aspect of family life just brought them closer and acted as a support group to each member. For example, when the father who was failing to provide for his family
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