Social Construction Of Reality Theory Essay

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Surroundings and opinions influence a person’s reality and understandings. This is explained by the social construction of reality theory. This theory explains how society creates and influences every aspect of life. From the time a person is born to the time of their death, they are given direction on how to think, speak, and act. With this type of thought process, it causes people to agree on many of the basic principles of the world today. When a child is old enough to begin recognizing the differences in things; people around them start to point out differences in animals, sounds, people, and colors. In the podcast, one of the men discussing why the sky is not blue, stated that in his daughter’s early years, he never told her that the…show more content…
Social constraints get tighter, and people begin getting labeled. These labels may be good or bad, such as how in the book it discusses how when a parent says that their child is academically gifted even if they are the same as most other kids, the child will start believing it, and will do better intellectually. As the child moves into junior high and high school they begin to find who they are, they join groups. They began to be labeled in groups such as “cowboy”, “jock”, or “nerd”. People start describing a person as this, and when people hear the label enough times, they begin to believe what they are told. The podcast discussed how William Gladstone studied the works of Homer and discovered that him, and other Greeks never used the word “blue” to describe things in their works. From this he concluded that all Greeks were colorblind. People thought that he was crazy. If he had let what people said about him affect himself, he would have genuinely become crazy. An example of the social construction of reality theory in everyday life is when parents tell their children that a specific word is bad. Whenever the child says the word, they will be punished. Because the parents have told and punished their child enough, the child will learn that the word is bad, and when they eventually go to school, and a friend says that word, the child will believe that that word is bad although
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