Social Construction Of The Labor Market

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Introduction Though societal norms exist, we must understand that there are negative results and learn to challenge these norms (gender norms). That is why unions are being created, to fix these problems of inequality people face in the labour market. It may never be the intention of the labour force to propagate gender inequality, or perhaps not out rightly so. Unfortunately, the social construction of society has created norms that individuals unconsciously follow and pass on from one generation to another. With these norms intact, inequality exists in the labour market; it exists in payroll, the wage gap is the outcome; women are employed only in gender-specific job positions and even though they are lucky enough to get the male-dominated jobs, they get treated differently – harassed or discriminated and sexism exist. It is due to past inequalities that women have faced that may be the cause of unfair treatment in the labour market compare to men. This topic is important because it expands our knowledge and makes us understand the inequalities we face or do consciously or unconsciously in the labour force due to gender relations. “The Canada Year Book 2001 reported that 1998 women spent 15.2 hours on unpaid housework (not counting childcare) per week compared with 8.3 hours for men. Mothers ages 25-44 who were working full-time also spent nearly 35 hours a week at unpaid work” (wgst1f90) these are the statistics from the article that was gotten from the Canada year
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