Essay on Social Construction of Race

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In society, race clearly affects one's life chances. These are the chances of getting opportunities and gaining experience for progression. The social construction of race is based on privileges and availability of resources. Looking at society and the formation of race in a historical context, whites have always held some sort of delusional belief of a "white-skin privilege." This advantage grants whites an advantage in society whether one desires it or not. This notion is often commonly referred to as reality. In order for one to understand how racism has come to be what we know it as today, we must first examine the Constitution of the United States. This document clearly states, "We the People of the United States." The…show more content…
As you can see, inequalities have plagued America for hundreds of years and continue to do so. I believe racism to be as apparent today if not more profound then in the past. A large portion of society believes that no man is still to this day denied any unalienable rights. I do not believe this statement to be true. We have adopted affirmative action programs and enforced strict equal opportunity employment laws to hinder discrimination. Although I believe it is still a very prevalent issue in today's society. Despite laws, investigations and results show that twenty percent of African Americans interviewing for jobs were turned down due to the color of their skin (Omi and Winant 67-68). Indeed racism may be very subtle in most cases; it is not a thing of the past but rather a very serious problem in society that evolves sociohistorically. There is a direct relationship with slavery in the past and discrimination today. In both cases there is an attempt to oppress a minority group. The oppressing group makes it difficult in many ways for the minority to rise above the harsh treatment towards equality. Just as slaves in the past were uneducated because of the threat to unite and revolt, employers today limit minorities for fear of their power within the company. The shift of the meaning of race and how it is socially constructed did not

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