Social Constructionism And Cultural Analysis

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Social Constructionism and Culture Expectations Narrative therapy is derived through a social constructionism framework, thus it is essential to highlight this construct. Social constructionism includes information mutually constructed by your own and others views, understandings, meanings and significance. Social constructionism involves the interaction and relationships children form with others and notions developed through mutual assumptions (You & Lori, 2011). Based on cultural context an autistic child’s role as a son/daughter or family member. Hence, influences in social context can play a role in their lives. A social, cultural system can be impacted in many ways; societal views can have an impact on how children interact and how children choose to behave with others. A social constructionism framework is crucial when treating children with autism. According to a study conducted by You and Lori (2011) relationships between parents and autistic children improved due to changes in stigmatization views about shamefulness through using a social constructionism approach in therapy. Thus narrative family therapy is effective when a social constructionism lens is used. Therefore, it is important to highlight the differences in cultural expectations in autistic children in order to provide therapy through a social…show more content…
The way children express and explore themselves is through play (Gil, 2014). According to Turns and Kimmes (2014) integrating narrative and play therapy will allow the child to stop blaming themselves and at the same time do it in an interactive manner. In using narrative therapy the client is the one leading their story and looks for their own solutions similarly to play therapy where children have the opportunity to explore and are the experts in the environment or their lives (Turns & Kimmes,
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