Social Constructionism

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1. Based on what is discussed in the learning materials, define and discuss at least five key presuppositions of social constructionism. How do these presuppositions apply to marriage and family therapy? The functional principles of cybernetic systems are that they are self-correcting able to “steer” themselves to a state of homeostasis, Gehart points out that “The key to maintaining stability is the ability to self-correct, which requires feedback” (Gehart, 2014) According to this week’s reading the five key presuppositions of social constructionism are: One cannot not communicate; all behavior is a form of communication. Therapeutic change involves alternating the interaction patterns within the system. An individual’s behavior and symptoms…show more content…
However, they both could be correct with in the story telling by the language they use. What is the relationship between systems theories and social constructionism? In systems therapy it is not just one single therapy, it is an eclectic approach. The system perspective is based on the principle of circular causality. Example: the actions caused by one family member influence the actions of all other family members affecting the functioning of the family system, including the person who was responsible for the initial action. social constructionism is also known as personal construct therapy investigate how human beings create systems for meaningfully understanding their worlds and experiences to a meaning to personal experiences. A relativistic point of view that emphasizes a subjective construction of reality. In social constructionism therapy both the client and the therapist use personal construct as the major trust by which the client anticipates events and construes, interprets. One thing I find very interesting is both the client and therapist are in the same room, and the therapist may view the problem different from the client’s…show more content…
What do you find very clear and compelling in the ideas of social constructionism? I think social constructionism has had a major impact on family therapy and for many therapists they have begun to recognize that the way people interpret events determine how they interact with each other. And that the assumptions we take for granted about ourselves or the world are social constructionism rather that objective truths. I also find that social constructionism focuses on how individuals create their own realities, and family therapist has always emphasized the power of
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