Social Contract Theory On The Origin Of State

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The social contract theory is one of the oldest theories on the origin of state. This theory came into existence as a reaction against the divine origin theory. The term ‘social’ is something which is connected with the society, while ‘contract’ means an agreement between two or more people. Thus a term of political theory, ‘social contract’ implies an agreement that makes society possible .this theory holds that the state is the voluntary and deliberate agreement on the part of the people those who emerged from the state of nature, in order to form a state based on a contract between the people and the sovereign and is not made by the god and thus implies that the state is a man`s deliberate creation to serve his needs. The core idea behind this theory is an assumption that there was a period in human history, when there was no state at all and no political law existed. The idea that the power to the ruler is given based on some kind of agreement between him and his subjects is quite old. The social contract theory envisages a state of nature where there were no organised government and rulers. There were no man made laws and no authority to govern the people .the state of nature was prepolitical the idea of social contract divides the state into two phases, i.e. one is the state of nature which was the life of the people before the state came into existence and second is the creation of the state as a result of the contract entered
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