Social Control In Deviance

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What is deviance? Deviance maintains the idea of nonconforming to societal norms with very outlandish ideas, thoughts, and action. They are many different types of deviances, ranging from subtle deviant behavior to extreme deviant behavior. The idea of a government creating certain sanctions, rules, and ideas to enforce a level of societal control and avoid chaos is social control. With social control is four different elements or variables to why deviants or criminals commit a crime; which is, attachment, commitment, involvement, and beliefs. The first variable of social control is attachment; attachment is when a person forms a certain type of emotional or mental identification and ties with certain things, people or ideas. For example, our attachment to our family, friends, personal items or pets show our level of sensitivity whereas those who lack that are considered more selfish. The second social control variable is commitment; which is an indirect type of rational element to the theory; which highlights the conventional lines in one's actions showing that there was motivation to invest in a type of social engagement or career. The action taking place is much more conventional, an example would be a commitment to pursuing a degree in a university even though the course curriculum is very challenging. The third social control variable is involvement, the lines of whichever activity that is felt comfortable along with the time spent on it. Such as a student preparing to
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