Social Control Theory And Social Learning Theory

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There is always that moment in life where you make the choice to be good or bad, but we really don’t know why we make those choices. There is a point in life when you choose to be deviant. Social control theory and social learning theory suggest what makes us do the deviant behavior and what makes it different from one person to another. They both have to do with the world around us, but have different views on how you portray yourself from that. Social control is how you interact with society, and it suggest that if you are close to society you will have good behavior, but if your ties are not strong you lash out getting involved in criminal or unwanted behavior. This can be due to someone living in a bad environment and catching on to things that aren 't good. Hirschi 's social bonding theory talks about some ways this affects our lives, and his four elements explain why. Social learning on the other hand has to do with your friends, family, and people you are around from this you learn how to behave yourself. From what you see is how you interpret life. If you were to see someone do something and get a reward from it you would learn ohh I need to do that as well. The same goes for when someone gets in trouble and gets punished you don’t want that so you don’t do it. Another factor to determine how you act another big one would be how you get treated by your family and how they react to what you do good or bad. With the social learning being how you raised your child
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