Social Control through Works of Fiction

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Vampire stories have universal themes that provide the backbone for every dark tale. The unholy essence that any vampire story provides sets the stage for the message that the Church is the way of life and will save you from creatures of evil. From in class readings, we can see all the major religious themes of the classic vampire story. The common religious theme is the abscess of light is the absence of holiness and is the path to eternal damnation. Darkness is the prime universal fear of humanity mostly because we, as a species, are not nocturnal creatures; therefore, we have developed a fear of the predator filled darkness of night. Using figurative descriptions of darkness as the enemy, the Church preaches the way of the light. The…show more content…
“The cross burned into his flesh like a hot coal. He snatched back his hand but the burning metal clung. He felt the heat of it coursing up his arm, and hurled it savagely across the room” (Miller). This burning sensation that the cross gives vampires is the Churches connection and reminder that someone or something that does not follow the way of the cross will be burned eternally in Hell. Vampire protection is the Church’s way of creating fear that will ultimately lead to the fearful turning back to the Church for protection and guidance. With the turn of sexual culture in the Victorian Era, Church leaders needed to establish a way to regain a tight grip on society as a whole.
Comparable themes in vampire stories and Biblical stories are evident within the class readings. The story of “Shambleau” by Catherine L. Moore begins with a mob on the hunt for a creature by the name of Shambleau, only to be confronted by a man by the name of Northwest Smith who is opposed to giving Shambleau up to the crowd. This confrontation of an angry crowd show striking resemblance to the story of Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate whereas an angry mob demanded the governor Pontius Pilate to give up Jesus to be crucified just as the angry mob in “Shambleau” wanted Shambleau to be given up to the crowd. "He let loose a deep-throated bellow, "Shambleau!" and lunged forward. Behind him the mob took up the cry again. "Shambleau! Shambleau! Shambleau!" and surged after”
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