Social Crime

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PART 6 Social Websites and Crimes What is meant by the word 'Crime '? An action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. Illegal activities: "the victims of crime". Social Ebsites and Crimes Hacking Hacking can take several forms: Accessing - entering a network, or a page, which is intended to be private Defacing – changing the content of another person’s Web site. Hijacking – redirecting elsewhere anyone trying to access a particular Web site Bombing – overwhelming a site with countless messages to slow down or even crash the server Denial of service – running a program which sends thousands of requests to a site simultaneously, frequently from more…show more content…
Using the algorithm, researchers were able to infer many personal traits merely from friend lists, including educational level, university attended, hometown and other private data. Many social networking sites regularly make changes that require you to update your settings in order to maintain your privacy, and frequently it is difficult to discover how enable settings for your appropriate level of privacy. Because of this, many users do not realize how much private information they are allowing to become public by not re-evaluating settings every time the network makes a change. Tagging can also serve as an invasion of privacy. When social networking sites have a "tagging" option, unless you disable it, friends or acquaintances may be able to tag you in posts or photographs that reveal sensitive data. Negative Health Consequences A 2010 Case Western Reserve School of Medicine study showed hyper-networking (more than three hours on social networks per day) and hyper texting (more than 120 text messages per day) correlated with unhealthy behaviors in teens, including drinking, smoking and sexual activity. Hyper-networking was also associated with depression, substance abuse, poor sleep patterns, suicide and poor
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