Social, Cultural And Historical Factors That Contributes Poor Communication

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Communication is the process of passing information from the sender to the receiver, it involves the use of words in verbal and written forms as well as signs of body language such as facial expressions. It is vital in the healthcare sector as it aids in building intrapersonal, interpersonal and group relationships. It is very important that doctors and nurses have a clear understanding of how to communicate within the healthcare sector. Poor communication emerges when the information is relayed inappropriately, creating inconveniences of misunderstanding due to wrong interpretation of the intended meaning. The poor use of communication skills diminishes the effectiveness of health care services which is intended to meet the satisfactorily and the wellbeing of the patients. Moreover, the process of transferring that knowledge is important in achieving a high standard in healthcare with regards to the health professional. Therefore, it is important to look at the various aspects that contribute to the poor communication on the part of health professionals. The primary goal of this paper is to discuss the social, cultural and historical factors that contributes to poor communication among the healthcare workers. Professionals in the healthcare sector, may choose their own alternative path in decision making, that would best fit their social needs, leading to social class groups within their respective professions. The assumption ingrained in the social class

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