Social Darwinism in the 1920s and the Movie College by Buster Keaten

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The idea of Social Darwinism influenced Americans, especially during early 1920’s. The idea of the survival of the fittest is showing that the body is more important to fit in society. Also, the physical fitness is considered as the key of success and a way to fit in society, if someone is not physically fit he will be isolated. The movie “College” (1927) by Buster Keaton, presents the idea of physical culture in college life and how fitness is a key of success which leads efficiency in society.
During the 1920’s people thought that if the body is fit it is going to reflect to the mind and if there is fitness in society it is going to result efficiency in society. This idea resulted a society that focuses in physical training more than
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Moreover, he worked in part-time jobs to follow his girlfriend to the athletic university so he won’t lose his girlfriend, but unfortunately he tried many times to fit in the society of sports but he couldn’t and people considered him as a university clown and isolated person.
Social Darwinism changed the life structure for Americans from education to cultural values. Athletic universities started to appear and it was crowded by the students, who were searching for the best athletic college. For example, the universities were ranked by the number of sports’ achievements, showing that the university which everyone is going to is expensive and not for low class people. Physical culture also changed the structure of sports and sport teams became more organized and have certain rules started to appear during that period of time. Also, every team should have a coach who knows how to exercise in an efficient way, which reflects the idea of Taylorism in sport. Sports’ organizations became more exclusive and who could play sports should be were physically fit. Buster had difficulties because he was short, every time he tries to draw the attention of the coach he can’t because he is short. His abilities were limited to the other students because of his physical structure. The other students were tall and physically fit but Buster was
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