Social Democracy And Its Impact On Social Policy Essay

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The ideas, social democracy and conservatism have impacted social policy to support the citizens within New Zealand. They contrast in ways, which they are based upon. Social democracy bases their ideas in state intervention to support the welfare creating egalitarianism. Whereas conservatism base their ideas by providing minimal state intervention, where tradition social institutions are conserved and natural authority is established. Both ideas support individuals by providing a good vision; this is achieved through the state implementing policies. Social Democracy. Since the early nineteenth century the reformist of social democracy has hugely affected the development of social policy. Basing its principles on the two theories, socialism and liberalism it has influenced social democracy. The state is a key instrument that constructs social change, social democracy protects individual liberty and believes in state intervention to better the welfare and equality among the public. Altogether social democracy is a theory used by social democrats to transform from capitalism to a welfare state, extending the rights and freedom for citizens. Social democrats accept the confined role of markets, and the economic system. Social democracy is achieved through parliament distributing goods and implementing policies that support the welfare promoting egalitarianism, such as taxing the wealthy to redistribute wealth. In terms of social democracy the role of the state has changed
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