Social Determinants Of A Community Health Assessment

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The purpose of this assignment is to analyse critically the specific health problems that are prevalent in a selected population group in Australia along with the social determinants that affect the health of that particular community.

Purpose of a community health Assessment:
According to Guzys & Petrie (2014, p. 91), a community health needs assessment is defined as a tool that concentrates on the requirements of the client and the community. This approach does not focus on the provision of services. It throws light on doing what is necessary based on critical analysis of the data that has been gathered. In this Essay, Clark’s community assessment tool has been used to collect the accurate data of the chosen population (McMurray & Clendon, 2015).

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 2013), a population can be defined as a complete group having a least one characteristic in common. The Aboriginal youth population has been selected for the purpose of this assignment. An indigenous Australian is defined as a person who is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, who identifies as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin, or has been accepted by the community with which the person has been associating with (ABS, 2010).

The Indigenous Population of Australia is composed of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. It is estimated that they form about 3% of the Australian Population (Australian
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