Social Determinants Of Health And How It Is And Will Further Effect Canadian Communities

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Introduction This paper will discuss a particular social determinant of health and how it is and will further effect Canadian communities. The reason for this assignment is to critically examine the article “Confronting what makes us sick” by Ryan Meili that discusses the social determinants of health that tend to make Canadians sick, in the format of an analytic essay. The issue that is being argued is the inequality of rights among Canadians. The issue that will be the main source of multiple issues will be healthcare and how it is not evenly distributed among Canadians. Inequality manages to affect people all over the world and is finally becoming a problem that the government is forced to address (Meili, 2013). Lack of housing can…show more content…
Physicians and politics may have a self-interest that persuades them, but whatever it is, tackling equity head on should be the top priority in Canada. The purpose of these careers is to find the best health results for patients. Unfortunately, there is still a great amount of work to be done to establish the role of social factors in defining health outcomes turns into a success that adjusts the lives of Canadians in a positive direction (Meili, 2013)
Currently, the author is trying to tell the audience that social problems can be more problematic than clinical problems. The author also discusses how the living standards for Canadians are not distributed equally. Since everything is unequal, those who are in a higher social position have more control over the economy and try their best to avoid risks and diseases (Graham, 2004). The main argument from the author is that healthcare determines the heath outcome of an individual. The author also addresses that all Canadians should have equal access to all the social determinants of health to avoid getting sick in the first place. That being said, the author is briefly addressing all the social determinants of health and how the all connect to health, but with inequality as an underlying issue. The dispute on how social determinants of health is a notion that directs attention to the social factors shaping people’s health is also discussed in the article (Graham, 2004). In addition, inequality among the
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