Social Determinants Of Health Inequalities

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Indigenous people are affected by a number of health inequalities that stem from social determinants. There is a direct proven link between the ill-health that Indigenous people have and are experiencing and the health inequalities they face as a result of these social determinants. These health inequalities are classified into three groups that consist of historical, political, social and economic contexts. Macro factors that consist of community infrastructure, resources, systems and capacities; as well as micro factors including health behaviours, physical and social environments. Social determinants effect an extensive array of health dimensions that lead to problematic health complications, health behaviours and poor health management. For instance, living in conditions of low income have been linked to increased illness and disability, which is linked to reduced opportunities to obtain and retain meaningful employment, thus exacerbating poverty (Maddison, 2009, p. 108). There is extensive research and studies that have found individuals and communities that experience disparities in the social determinants of health not only experience a burden of health problems, but they have limited access to resources that could potentially improve these problems (Reading & Wien, 2009, p. 9). How these social determinants impact and also effect on these areas of health for Indigenous people, which produces health problems that lead to conditions and environments that result in…
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