Social Determinants Of Learning Style Preferences

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Whether being in a lecture class or in a work setting, every individual has a specific learning style that best fits them. Some people prefer to understand life interactively while others may prefer logical, concrete, or practical types of comprehension. From the cognitive aspect, individuals receive and process information differently which describes their learning style. According to the “Cultural Determinants of Learning Style Preferences” article, learning styles are cognitive, affective, and physiological traits that aid as stable indicators of how individuals perceive, interact with, and respond to the learning circumstances (Holtbrugge & Mohr, 2010). The various learning styles include the assimilating, converging,…show more content…
My ability to take others feelings into consideration led me to build meaningful relationships with my colleagues, and superiors. I was able to shadow and learn very pertinent information. In addition to learning from others I was able to help solve problems as well as propose ideas.
The Diverging learning style pertains to those who listen to the suggestions of others without always initiating the discussion among the group. Characteristics that make up this particular learning style are brainstorming, being open-minded, understanding people, recognizing problems, and being imaginative (Kolb, 2007). As I reflect back to various tasks which I have been assigned, I can recall using the brainstorming method to come up with a way to effectively execute the assignment. My first step to executing the assignment was to recognize the problem. My second step was to use my imagination to come up with numerous possibilities. Lastly, I presented my solutions to my peers, accepting feedback with an open mind.
Keeping an open mind allows me to be able to learn from others. It also benefits me in ways such as seeing things from opposing points of view. It provides a platform for me to grow in understanding that there can be various ways to approach a situation. For example, I was raised in the Church of Christ, always firm in my religious beliefs. I was taught there was only one right way to go about doing things in the church such as
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