Social Determinants and the Ageing Australian Population

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Social determinants refer generally to social factors, such as income inequality or social exclusion which influence health (Community Tolls Box, 2013). “The social determinants approach is underpinned by an appreciation of the broader value of health to society and the dependence of health on actions far beyond the health sector, as both problems and solutions are system-wide.” (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 2010). As the Australian population is ageing, the social determinants need to be adjusted to face the future challenges. The social determinants have become the main focus regarding the health of the people in the whole world and Australia is one of them (Hunter, Neiger, & West, (2011). Lots of fund are already being used in researching about the relationship between social determinants and health. Instead of dealing with curing and studying of the disease, the government and scientists have turned their focus on the main root cause of good and poor health Hunter, Neiger, & West, (2011). This essay will discuss some of the positive and negative impact of the social determinants of health and illness of the ageing population in Australia as well as the ways in which health can be affected by staying in aged care facilities after admission just like in case of Mrs Wilson. The positive and negative impact of social determinants of ageing Australia population. Australia's population is ageing as the fertility rate decreased. Therefore, it is likely
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