Social Determinism And Its Power Over People 's Perception Of The Truth

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Often people find themselves captivated by the small, fabricated details in a story and that tends to make it difficult to decipher the actual meaning behind the story. In Tim O’Brien’s “How to Tell a True War Story,” this is the case as he demonstrates the influence of storytellers’ tone and the mood they create on people’s understanding of a moral in a story. By the same token, in Malcom Gladwell’s “Power of Context” and Karen Ho’s “Biographies of Hegemony,” the two authors explain the ideology of social determinism and its power over people’s perception of the truth. The power of inducements play a big role in the way people are able to understand reality. The complexity of the truth can often alter the way people perceive things because there are so many different meanings that people interpret from the context of stories and situations. There are certain qualities of context such as inducing words and a plethora of meanings that obscure the true actualities, making truth very complicated.
People often undermine the influence of words on people’s perceptions of the environment. When Gladwell describes the prison experiment in which people assumed the role of prisoners and guards, he mentions how the patients were told who they are and what role they had to undertake. He tells how one of the prisoners began to assume their role to the point where they felt like that was truly who they were. One of the prisoners mentions, “I was 416. I was really my number and 416 was
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