Social Deviance As A Form Of Deviance

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1. What are the “ABCs” of deviance? Why are all three regarded as types of deviance? How can sociologists refer to traits or characteristics that are “not the person’s fault” as instances of deviance? Is this fair? Is it sociologically meaningful? What about belonging to a particular racial, national, or ethnic category--can this be regarded as a form of deviance? Why or why not? The beliefs and attributes the go against the societal expectations or norms are referred to as social deviance by sociologist. These aspects influence the reaction of the society in an absurd manner since they do not support their ideals. People receiving such information show immediate retraction and criticize the ideologies with diligence since the society is set in a way that disowns such outcomes. Although sociologist present social deviance as the deviant behaviors, the actual study should study is about deviance and the title was given for its popularity in sociology. Deviant behaviors are just a section of the social deviance on the overall picture of sociology. It includes the notions, beliefs, and traits that may trigger the society does not subscribe to. The society is against those aspects in the institutional or interpersonal terms. The attitudes in this are present the unmentioned personal perceptions that are not relayed within the societal domain within obvious actions (Goode, 2011). These attitudes are just known to the society as the way of life and deviation from them implies

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