Social Deviance Final Essay

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Running head: FINAL PAPER- DEVIANCE AND SOCIAL CONTROL Final Paper Deviance and Social Control Sociological Foundations Oklahoma Wesleyan University Matthew Charles Colaw November 16, 2010 Abstract This paper is covering the different forms of deviance and social control. The word deviance is defined by actions or behaviors that violate a cultural norm. Deviance can be a formal crime or an in-formal act that is not perceived as normal in the culture. Each culture or group in this paper has different sets of norms and moral standards. This paper will discuss deviance within cultures and that many cultures can have different views on deviance. Social control is developed within…show more content…
(Jim Henslin, 2010) This textbook example would be extremely deviant to the American culture. American laws would not be accepting of such a criminal act to be performed as punishment for adultery. In America it is not illegal to commit adultery, but it is illegal to tie up and beat someone. Americans do feel by majority that the adultery act is deviant, but punishment that the Pokot women carried out are not accepted as a valid punishment in America. The next example in the book dealing with deviance was the Zapotec Indians of Mexico. The Zapotec Indians believe that all sexual relations belong between a husband and wife, but also in their culture it is normal to cheat on their spouses. This unfaithfulness is fairly common in this tribe but no one can speak out about the act. If someone in the tribe would tell the others about the obvious affairs going on they would become deviant in this culture. It seems like the tribe wants to continue the affairs and not talk about it and stop it. (Jim Henslin, 2010) In our American culture affairs are considered deviant as well. The difference is, if someone speaks out about the affair to stop it, they are considered a good person or someone who brought justice to the situation, not an outcast. The Zapotec Indians are very different in this aspect. This example in the book makes one think that the adultery is not considered wrong in the Zapotec culture
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