Social Differences Of The Korean War And Vietnam War

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Although many believe the world would be a better place if everyone were to get along and agree on social differences, but in the end these differences are the root cause of many wars. These two major wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, not only had serious impact within the country, but also give a prime example of how similar and different between the two. Both wars were commenced similarly from its conflict with expansion of a communist government and the involvement of the United States. Differences came from the involvement of the United Nation and the outcome of both wars. The similarity between the two wars is the the factor of what the established government would be. The Korean War was between two…show more content…
During the period of both wars, the U.S. committed to preventing further growth of communism. During the Korean War, the South gained backing and assistance of the U.S., reasoning that the government of North Korea were wanting to pursue the expansion of their communism towards the south of Korea. With the increasing growth of American troops, air and naval forces, and strategic combat, the intervention of the U.S. slowed the North Koreans from advancing south. American involvement in Vietnam was an implementation of the Containment Policy, which was a the obligation of U.S. foreign approach makers to terminate the expansion of communism (Vietnam War). With the participation of the U.S., the South was provided financial assistance and military hardware. This permitted North Vietnamese troops to retain their militia in the south. A difference between the wars were that the United Nations took a vital part in the Korean War. This made the Korean War in which an international organization played a major role. After the North Korean Invasion, the United Nations adjured member countries to come to the assistance of South Korea. Sixteen countries responded by sending troops, while forty-one countries sent food, equipment, and other supplies (Korean War). With the assistance of the U.N., South Korea was provided with core military strategic direction, fighting units, weapons, tanks, and medical assistance for the anti-communist war effort

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