Social Differences Of Using Cloud Computing At Higher Education Between Europe And Middle Eastern

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SOCIAL DIFFERENCES OF USING CLOUD COMPUTING AT HIGHER EDUCATION BETWEEN EUROPE AND MIDDLE EASTERN ABSTRACT: The extensive use of virtualization in implementing cloud infrastructure brings unique concerns for users of a cloud service. Virtualization alters the relationship between the OS and underlying hardware be it computing, storage or even networking. This introduces an additional layer virtualization that itself must be properly configured, managed and secured even when used at educational institutes. Cloud computing has various uses which is successfully being employed in various sectors, yet some differences occur when there are differences. This paper would analyze social differences of using cloud computing at higher education…show more content…
in business, social and personal life as well including teaching at the level of higher education. In case of teaching, cloud computing can add so much to the teaching and learning process if it is properly used in this field. It can increase the effectiveness of the study process by adding the aspects which were not present before its use. SOCIAL PERSPECTIVE OF USING CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud Computing is of the most important and new concept in technology. It is said to be very beneficial in terms of business for its cost effectiveness, data security, scalability, mobile access and so on. Many businesses are shifting their whole infrastructure towards it. It is, on the other hand, believed that it can only be used in business which is a completely wrong concept. As the cloud is more present in our life than we think; it has changed our ways to use the social applications like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. We are all using all these social websites from our mobile devices using cloud from everywhere without paying for it. The enormous use of all these social websites is the proof of cloud’s importance. Without the use of cloud computing it was not all possible. Many of us have used iPhone’s iCloud. It also uses cloud for storing our valuable information. All these new applications and games, we are using on our mobiles, run on some kind of cloud. Globalization is the very first outcome of cloud computing. The so much popularity in news channels, online
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