Social Dilemmas In A Divergent

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Living in the society, Tris ought to be obeying the law as she is part of it. But, when she finds out herself is a Divergent, she can sense that something is running off. There is a social norm that that the divergent is outskirt. And even the test administrator warns her never tell anyone her result shows as “Divergent” because this will create chaos. As mentioned, the society under Abnegation government is not just and fair, it even does not reach the view of Mockus by “recognizing of legal, moral and social norms that may regulate citizens’ behaviour”. Each faction is required to focus on the responsibility and they have different values, they do not agree to each other core virtues; therefore, one faction is not willing to communicate with the other faction. Although during the period of ruling, there is no war but it certainly builds up the disapproval from the Erudite faction to the moral norm and social norm which they think they should be the one ruling the society with the intelligence more than being a selfless. Also, the Erudite finds out that the Abnegation leader is actually not upholding the norms of selfless as he abused his own son which leading his child to turn away from the family. Consequently, the Erudite tries to create new social norms; however, they did not succeed. They should see the life as sacred and they should be following the Mayor Mockus footstep by acting to the new rules personally, instead of hiding behind and deceive people to do their work. Another reason that the Erudite plan is not successful because their inner demon creates too much violence and opposing voices.
From the Week 4 reading “The Better Angels of Our Nature”, there is a sentence which is very suitable for the setting of the novel. Steven Pinker wrote that “even in peaceable societies, people are fascinated by the logic of bluff and threat … the vulnerabilities of a human body and how they can be exploited or shielded.” Even the initial state of government is trying to create the best peacefulness to the society, the desire of the Erudite has broken the harmony by creating violence. The Erudite is trying to rule the faction by make the society an own version of utopia. To do this, they make false claims on the
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