Social Discrimination

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During the Spring of 2012, The University of Southern Mississippi's basketball team made their first appearance at the NCAA tournament since 1991. The team played against Kansas State University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During the second half of the game, Kansas State was defeating the University of Southern Mississippi, due to their freshman point guard Angel Rodriguez who contributed many points. The Wildcats were leading the game by 70-64. As Angel Rodriguez was performing a free throw, some University of Southern Mississippi prep band students chanted “Where's your green card?” This incident made national headline news and labeled the band students of the University of Southern Mississippi as ignorant, immature, and racist. The…show more content…
According to Melvin D. Williams: Geographical places are salient human attachments. My studies suggest that identity by geographical location is not the source but the result of human divisiveness. Certain human characteristics (phenotype, kin, “intelligence,” agility, articulation, and activity) result in social and psychological attachments that culminate in the utilization of hearth, home, university, community, city, country, and continent for human divisiveness (Williams, 2003, p.5). The band members can be assumed American born citizens and chanting “Where's your green card?” expresses their practice of racial divisiveness. By practicing racial divisiveness by geography, humans feel a sense of security within their territory. Angel Rodriguez being an excellent basketball player from Puerto Rico and playing in the United States appeared as a threat to the prep band fans who are from the United States. The prep band students felt the need to question Rodriguez's status as a legitimate United States citizen. It seemed that Rodriguez crossed the boundary of the band student's perceived territory in the United States because of his ethnic background. Southern Miss' prep band has members of minority backgrounds. If the minorities also participated in the taunting, it shows that geography and racial discrimination is instilled in all races that are citizens of the United States. Rodriguez lives and attended school in
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