Social Disorganization And Inequality Methodology

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Social Disorganization And Inequality Methodology Unit 8 Assignment 1 Ann-Marie Cameron Capella University Dr. Conis December 2, 2015 Hypotheses or Research Question The research question or hypotheses is to test the previous sample against our research sampling of social disorganized local surrounding (communities/neighborhoods) in the state of Georgia and thereby inspect whether there is adequate variation that exists amongst those communities/neighborhoods that will supply useful data for this analysis. The following questions are addressed: Questions for this research: 1) What is the relationship between African American, Caucasian and the Latino communities’/ neighborhood social structure, crime rate and delinquent opportunity structures? 2) What is the combined effect of communities’/neighborhood “social structure, social processes, and delinquent opportunity structures on rates of juvenile delinquency” (Kingston, Huizinga, & Elliott, 2009, p. 61)? How conclusive will the research results be? The research data should be very conclusive as long as the individuals that will be in the study are able to comply with the research questions. This research will allow them the opportunity to be counted and heard in regards to their neighborhood social disorganization as well as the social structures and crime rate factors that might be causing these issues in their area. This research has also considered that it could lack decisive data if the research
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