Social Disorganization, Strain Theory And Culture Conflict Theory

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In chapter 6 of our text, social structure theories are outlined and discussed. Three types of social structures are addressed, they are, social disorganization, strain theory, and culture conflict theory. All three theories were developed in the early 1900’s and both strain theory and culture conflict theory are still used to explain reasons why persons experience poverty, are uneducated, have lack of job skills, and how individual’s social economic status correlates with their reasoning behind their decisions to commit crimes, and are they conscious or unconscious do to their status per say. Unlike strain theory and cultural conflict theory, social disorganization theory is not utilized in today’s world to explain why people function…show more content…
The study resulted in the theory that an environment, or in the studies case a neighborhood that had no sense of ownership or community relationships results in disinterest of property, fear , further resulting in minor property crimes, eventually snow balling into aggravated criminal crimes such as rap because parking lights of an apartment parking lot have been shot out. The study did show though that if community interest was implemented, neighborhoods would begin to have a sense of ownership and will actually result in crime decreasing in such areas, but the unfortunate reality is that such communities such as movement housing areas lack community interest and individuals that reside in such areas do not feel that they have a sense of ownership because of the status of the housing area, typically viewed by “outsiders” as poor and crime ridden.

The last social structure theory discussed in our text, is the culture conflict theory. Culture conflict theory is when an individual beliefs his actions are justifiable but in all actuality they indeed are not. It is how and if society accepts if an individual’s behavior is appropriate, or legal. One example that I think of is the selling of food stamps. I believe it is common knowledge that such is indeed illegal and if a person is proven to be doing such a “benefit” could be withdrawn from them. But, if an individual does such regularly and it has become a monthly habit per say to be able to provide for
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