Social Disorganization Theory Essay

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Social Disorganization theory connects crime rates to neighborhood ecological characteristics. Based on the research and according to Osgood and Chambers, social disorganization theory specifies three important variables; residential instability, ethnic Heterogeneity, female-headed households. These three variables are considered to be the most criminogenic.
Instability- Based on Osgood and Chambers research, criminal behaviors are high and the rates of juvenile violence in both rural and urban areas would increase. According to the article when the population is changing constantly, residents would have less time to develop a strong bond with each other. “Osgood and Chambers found that residential instability is associated with higher rates of rape, aggravated assault, weapons violations, and simple assaults as well as the overall violent crime index.” (Osgood and Chambers pg. 22) If there is no communication or understanding within a community, how can it stand as a strong fold. Ethnic Heterogeneity – Ethnic Heterogeneity also known as ethnic diversity is another variable associated with social disorganization theory that I consider to be one of the
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Nothing is wrong with a female being the head of the household, if that is the only parent raising a child. However, in a two parent household parenting should be shared among the adults. If there is a strain to give your time, energy and support to your child, they will eventually find it elsewhere. More or so likely by joining a gang or committing criminal activities to feel as though they belong. “Given the coefficient of 5.31 for the violent crime index, an increase of 13% in female-headed households would produce a doubling of the offense rate, the strongest relationship in the model.” (Osgood and Chambers pg.
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