Social, Economic, Political And Environmental Factors Of Globalization

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Table of Contents Contents Introduction 2 Background 2 Social Impacts 3 Positives 3 Figure 1. 3 Negatives 3 Economic Impacts 4 Positives 4 Negatives 4 Political Impacts 5 Positive 5 5 Figure 3. 5 5 Figure 2. 5 Negative 5 Environmental Impacts 6 Positives 6 Figure 5. 6 6 Figure 4. 6 Negatives 6 Figure 6. 6 Figure 7. 6 Conclusion 7 Introduction This report will discuss the phenomenon of Globalisation in Australia. The report will analyse the social, economic, political and environmental factors of globalisation in Australia. In these factors will discuss the positives and negatives of each impact. Then an overall conclusion will be made about whether Globalisation is a negative or positive in Australia. Background…show more content…
The process of globalisation has been the catalyst for increased global interconnections. (Costello, 2004). Global interconnections are linked to developments in transport, communications technologies along with the increased influence of large regions of the globe. These changes are also responsible for the breaking down of national borders and the creations of a virtual business globe. The enhancement of business opportunities in social globalisation in Australia has benefited the creation of jobs and employment. Negatives Particular drawbacks of social globalisation are our reliance on technology, loss of cultural identities, and fear of job loss in developed countries, increased risk of epidemics as people are more mobile and the increased threat of terrorism. Our reliance on technology can be a negative effect on social globalisation as we miss social exchange with countries that do not have the technology to communicate in this matter. Another disadvantage is the potential dominance of other countries on Australian society. Australia is influenced by more established regions such as; USA, Britain and Europe. This can be a negative as other cultures begin to flourish through our country and Indigenous people and smaller cultures lose value and meaning. Fear of job loss is another negative impact of social globalisation. As new technology begins to rapidly grow through the world,

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