Social, Economic, and Political Differences between the Southern Chesapeake Colonies and the New England Colonies

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In the 1600’s, there started a migration to the new world by people of English origin. This migration first started in the south known as the Chesapeake region. Further along, as social, political, and economic events occur, this migration expands north to what would eventually be known as New England. Before the 1700’s, the two regions evolved into two distinct societies because of their differences as to making money and religious views. The Chesapeake region and New England differed socially in many ways. One way was because of the climate. In the south, it was hotter, so it was easier to develop and spread diseases amongst others. This affected the life span. Those diseases eventually killed people at an early age. In…show more content…
(DOC.D). The government came up with articles of agreement. (DOC.D). This article indicates the idea of democracy. “everyone” would have a portion of land and home. In the Chesapeake, only the wealthy white people would have the opportunities to have land. In Chesapeake, only allowed white people were to vote. Although most of their population were outnumbered by black slaves. In New England, there were more opportunities to for people to vote. In Chesapeake, leaders were chosen by wealth. The more richer they were the more power they’re granted. In New England, leaders were chosen religiously. Most people who worked in the church had the power. Chesapeake and New England also have Economic differences. They have Economic differences for many reasons. One is because the climate. In Virginia, as previously mentioned, it’s hotter so that makes the soil richer and healthier to grow crops which brings in money. Virginia specialized in tobacco and such because of the good soil. New England is cooler so it’s a bit harder to grow lots of crops. In the south though, the money goes to those who have money. In New England, the money is controlled by the government. “That everyone shall have a share of the meadow… (DOC.D) The colonists agreed that everyone gets a share of the makings of the colonies. “[prices and wages] be dolly set at each of our
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