Social Education And The Competent Social Work Practitioner

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Social Work Education and the Competent Social Work Practitioner
Social work education needs to focus on teaching global issues and applying the structural and anti-oppressive principles of practice (Razack & Badwell, 2006). According to Mohan (2005) stated by Razack & Badwell (2006) that the social work profession seems to be silent to teach students to achieve adequate skills to think and act globally. This essay will be divided into five sections. The first section will briefly describe the topic. The second section will discuss the global issues in social work education. The third section will discuss the anti-oppression approach in social work practice. The fourth section will discuss the importance of the structural social work practice. Finally, the fourth section will justify the thesis statement with support of the literature.

Global issues in social work education There are plenty of global issues that need to be incorporated in social work education. Major issues in the global context are immigration, refugees, terrorism, security, racism and gender issue. A significant number of people immigrated into Canada and the USA due to war and poverty. However, since 9/11 the view regarding the Arabs and Muslims has changed and increase their oppression and marginality. So, these globalization issues create challenging moments and opportunity for the practitioner and the educators to deal with these issues effectively (Razack & Badwell, 2006).These
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