Social Effects Of Dementia

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Dementia is said to be the most jeopardized mental disorder caused due to aging and related memory loss and it’s found to have been encountered in the current scenarios at larger rates. Citizens affected by dementia are increasing worldwide. Currently, 47.5 million people are affected by dementia (WHO). In India 4.7 million people are affected by dementia, as an impact of the population aging, the many of people affected is expected to double every 20 years. Dementia becomes very severe so that it impairs a person’s ability to work and perform common tasks in the home. The current solution is to have a caretaker, a caretaker is the family member or friend who gives the most help like personal care, instrumental daily activities, or health-related decisions. Caretakers find assisting with certain activities to be mainly disappointing and uncomfortable as it necessitates invasion of privacy and role reversal. Caretaker is also responsible for…show more content…
It provides mentally disabled people with many different types of assistance during an emergency, features related to security, prevention of falls, automatic timers, and alerts. The individuals can feel secured in their habitats using these systems knowing that aid is only minutes away. It uses some of the monitoring or security devices that can be installed in a home like lighting and motion sensors, ecological controls and emergency assistance systems to capture the everyday activities of dementia patients. We assume that smart home sensor produces a continuous series of time stamped sensor readings, or sensor events. These readings from the sensors need to be interrupt by an intelligent system to monitor cognitive health and predict the score. Supervised learning techniques can be employed to automatically quantify the performance
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