Social Effects Of Underage Drinking

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Introduction Alcohol when consumed by adults in moderation and in appropriate circumstances, may not have any permanent physical, mental or emotional effects. On the other hand, if alcohol is consumed underage, mixed with other drugs or drank in excess can cause many adverse effects impacting the entire body. I will be focusing on the impacts of underage drinking due to alcohol contributing to the 3 primary causes of death among teenagers: unintentional injuries, homicide and suicide (Australian Drug Foundation, 2017). Moreover, 78% of 14-17-year old’s have tried alcohol at least once despite 18 being the legal drinking age. The reason alcohol is so common among teenagers is due to the social importance and integration alcohol has in Australian society. Relatives, teachers and parents alike drink in all circumstances: when they’re sad, when they’re happy and even when they’re bored (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2017). These people are the most influential people in a teenager’s life and by drinking so freely, they condition the next generation to follow in their footsteps and make any excuse to drink. I believe social exclusions and stunted learning, that underage drinking brings due to its physical, emotional, social and mental effects can lead to an undesirable future. During adolescence, relationships with family and friends as well as personal and educational development can define a person’s future health; so by indulging in underage drinking you

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