Social Emotional Learning in Education

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Social Emotional Learning Introduction More than ever before, our country needs schools that will prepare today’s youth for the challenges and opportunities they face, youth who will become knowledgeable, responsible, and caring citizens and leaders for the future. An outstanding education prepares students to be strong in a wide range of academic disciplines. This essay focuses on Social Emotional Learning and how to implement and sustain it within schools so that students can achieve greater academic success. Schools share the desire to engage young people in their education so that they will be prepared to succeed in both school and life. The Catholic Education Office of Melbourne has released a research document in Social Emotional…show more content…
A part of the research document developed by the Catholic Education Office of Melbourne was an audit tool that can assist schools in the implementation and maintenance of Social Emotional Learning. There are seven areas in which schools need to reflect on their progress and establishment which are; Creating a School/Community Vision for a Whole School Approach to SEL, Assessing Current Needs, Auditing Current Approaches and Resources, Choosing Evidence based Approaches and Resources, Planning and Integrating a Whole School Approach to SEL, Ongoing Professional Learning for the School Community and Sustaining the Social Emotional Learning Initiative (CEOM. 2007). Implementing a Social Emotional Learning Program Selecting and implementing Social Emotional Learning programs should follow after a consideration of ‘school needs, goals, interests and mandates; staff skills, workload and receptiveness; pre-existing instructional efforts and activities; the content and quality of program materials; its developmental and cultural appropriateness to the range of recipient student populations; and its acceptability to parents and community members (Novick, Kress & Elias, 2002).’ Social Emotional Learning efforts are implemented and it
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