Social, Emotional & Moral Development Essay

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Shaimuna Pirbhai Page 1 PIN no: 30146194 ULN no: 9158839584 Course no: E150DWC3561U CYP Core 3.1: Understand child and young person development 1.1. Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19 years. Aspects of development should include * Physical * Communication * Intellectual/cognitive * Social, emotional and behavioural * Moral Social and emotional development is the development of the child’s identity and self-image, relationships and feeling about themselves and learning to live with others in both the family and society which is one of the most important parts of development. Socialisation can vary in different societies and from family to family. There are two types of…show more content…
They form an attachment and bond with the parent/carer and vice versa, like my grandson formed a bond with his mum, grandpa grandma and the nanny. The attachment could be with skin contact, smell, feeding, bathing, play, eye to eye contact, talking and listening to parent’s voices. Babies respond positively to main carer by smiling or crying when they want something or comforts self with thumb or pacifier, my grandson used his thumb. They learn to trust that their needs will be met by the parent or carer and become interested in social interaction with other babies and children depending on the time spent with other children or his/her personality. They interact differently with various family members and seek attention constantly. They are interested in everything around them and recognise familiar and unfamiliar faces and shows fear of strangers and get distressed when separated from mum. 1 year At this age my grandson was very loving he gave lots of hugs and smiled or laughed a lot when playing with him. He did not like strangers and showed anxiety when approached by them, played a lot by himself, was egocentric (where he saw himself as the centre of the family and had no sense of right or wrong), played games like peek-a-boo, enjoyed his bath time, was more demanding and assertive, very tearful and was getting more independent by trying to eat his food by himself. He still needed attention from carer. 2 years At this age my
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