Social Engineering Is A Powerful Tool Used By Cyber Criminals

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Social Engineering
It is the manipulation of people through deception, lies, fabricated story and tricks. They influence and persuade people to obtain information with or without the use of technology. Social engineering is a powerful tool used by cyber criminals’ especially on seniors because of their level of trust.
They aim at collecting your confidential information and later use it against you. Password, Account number – credit card, debit cards, employee ID, and full name, date of birth, email address, social insurance number, driver license number and telephone numbers are normally collected
Knowing the person you are dealing with, and the tactics they use is important to overcome them, that is why user awareness and education is
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Protection against Social Engineering
• Never give confidential information through emails, phones or to unknown person
• Don’t click on a website unknown to you or download or open email attachment from unknown senders.
• Before clicking on links in emails and on websites watch for misspellings, @ signs and suspicious domain names.
• Make it a habit to periodically check your bank statement to see if they are anomalies or fraudulent transactions.
• Use a strong password and personal verification questions.
• Reject requests for online tech support from strangers no matter how legitimate they may appear
• Avoid being greedy on the web for offers you have not made or responding to any offers made over the phone or via text messages.
• Pay attention to website URL. Sometimes online fraudsters make slight changes to URLs in order to direct messages to their own spoofed sites
• Secure your computer with anti-virus software and regularly update software and operating systems
• Verify that a lock icon is on your browser address bar when submitting payment or confidential information.
• Always shred and/or destroy prior to disposal sensitive and confidential information you do not need.
• Be suspicious of unsolicited emails
• Be cautious in situations where a party refuses to provide basic contact information
• Verify incoming checks and ensure clearance prior to transferring any money by wire
• Establish call-back procedures to clients and vendors

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