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Social Entrepreneurship is defined by Marcel N. Kwedi, the author of the book, with the new view of General Theory of Social Entrepreneurship. This theory states that social entrepreneurship is any business activity that uses strategies that are innovative and sustainable to construct and come up with new products which can fill up the unsatisfied needs of the society most especially the masses. But in the book in clearly states that Social Entrepreneurship is not about charity. It focuses on making the society a just one. It firmly confirms that a Social Enterprise can maximize profits at the same time maximizing the betterment of the society.
The book consists of 10 chapters which are essential in starting a social enterprise.
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In Social Entrepreneurship, the use of strategic innovation is greatly supported by this book. Strategic Innovation was used by Apple and Walt Disney which placed them where they are now. The seventh chapter of the book tells that a product is an experience and the experience is the product. For the first statement which is ‘product is an experience’ people do not buy the product but the experience that comes with it. This is where the stage of customer experience happens which was explained in the Marketing Chapter. For the second statement, ‘experience is the product’, is like making a twist with existing products like selling peeled products in a pack. An innovation comes in the product is an experience. Innovation is giving new experience to customers and continuing to develop it and make it as a tool in making the world a better place for all of us. Part of innovation is exploring ideas that may work which are tackled in chapter eight of the book which is Idea Exploration. According to the book this is the most difficult stage of the process of developing a new product. And I agree because coming up with a new idea does not usually come in just a snap. It requires a logical process to explore ideas that will work or

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