Social Entrepreneurship : A Social Entrepreneur

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Social entrepreneurship is a new term that has increased in usage over the last twenty years. I can remember being a child and hearing individual’s talk about becoming an entrepreneur nothing related to becoming a social entrepreneur. When conducting research on this topic I found two names that were a reoccurrence in who developed the term social entrepreneurship and they are Vinoba Bhave who founded India’s Land Gift Movement and the second being Robert Owen who founded cooperative movement, Florence Nightingale and founder of first nursing school. However, these business were founded before the term social entrepreneurship was developed. While conducting this research there were many organizations that fit the descriptions of a social…show more content…
Social Entrepreneurs develop societal goals to help solve a problem, they have methods to complete their overall goal with new and exciting traditional practices (Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, 2017). Social entrepreneurs are not selfish people they are not the ones that sit around and watch problems build up, they are the ones that try to fix the problem. A social entrepreneur and a business entrepreneur have many similarities with goal to be successful, and can be either non-profit or profit companies. There are many example of social entrepreneurs. I talked with a couple of my friends who stated that they were interested in becoming a social entrepreneur, however they were misinformed of the true definition and did not take the time to complete their own research. Completing research would have not only included defining a social entrepreneurship, it also is finding examples of social entrepreneurships. Examples of social entrepreneurships include: microfinance institutions, educational programs, providing banking services in underserved areas and helping children orphaned by epidemic disease. Although there are many social entrepreneurs and they are not determined by race, sex, education level, they all possess one similar quality which is kindness. The main goal of a social entrepreneur is not to earn a profit, but
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