Social Entrepreneurship And Its Effect On Social Value Essay

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Social Entrepreneurship encompasses the passion of a social mission and merges it with an innovative business-like discipline (Dees, 1998). In the world, there are an endless amount of social issues such as disease, unemployment and crime that have come about in certain sections and echelons of society. Social entrepreneurs act as agents of change who use innovative methods to find solutions to these problems, and in effect create social value. In the pursuit of creating and sustaining social value, there is a compromise between social and commercial objectives. It is essential to delve into a more practical setting to contextualise and grasp an understanding of the real life implications that are attributed to this paradoxical concept. Social Entrepreneurship is an ambiguous term that holds many definitions that are dependent on the interpretation or viewpoint. The definition of social entrepreneurship has been modified over time to a higher degree of specificity that has taken into account the revolutionization of the world. Subsequently, it has morphed from formerly being limited to the nonprofit and voluntary sector, to now include commercial based social entrepreneurship and hybrid organisations, which is a mix of for profit and nonprofit approaches(Dees & Anderson, 2003; Emerson & Twersky, 1996). This forms of the basis of the real dilemma as to whether commercial foundations allow social doings to flourish, or social goals are the driving force and the most
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