Social Environment : Parental Ethno Theories

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Human Behaviour and Social Environment Parental-ethno theories Submitted By: Deepak Kumar Singh Roll No- SOCW10475 M.A. Previous Year What are parental-ethno theories – how do they influence the socialization of the young child. Illustrate suitably from your personal or field work experiences. Abstract Children first acquire skills for interacting with peers within the family. Parent’s impact on children’s peer socialibility is both direct, through attempts to influence children’s peer relations, and indirect, through their child-rearing practices and play behaviour( Ladd & Pettit, 2002). Situational factors that adults can influence, such as the age mix of children, also make a difference, as do cultural values. Parental ethno theories are based on the development and socialization of child. According to Super and Harkness proposed a theoretical framework for understanding the interface between culture and child. Parent’s ethno theories are also evident in parent-child interactions. . Parental ethno-theories are closely related other constraints created by culturally created environment of child. Parental Influence on the socialization of young child: Parents play an important role in the socialization of the child. Children’s learning develops as the child grow and continues with parental life journey along with their experiences, education, upbringing and most important the environment of home which inspire the child and show the way to move ahead
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