Social Equality And Political Freedom

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A) It is unsurprising that social equality and political freedom are positively correlated with environmental protection and sustainability. This is observed as as environmental problems bear down disproportionately upon the poor, who do not share the same equalities and freedoms as others (Agyeman et al., p. 1). This relationship exists due to increased political power enjoyed by the wealthy and required corporate profit maximization for shareholders. Political power and voracious desire for profits is a dangerous combination. Put together, these two components form a positive feedback loop because the wealthier someone becomes, the most political power he/she gains. This relationship results in facilitated cost externalization on lower…show more content…
(Agyeman et al., p. 6). This report serves as further evidence of the environmental injustices faced by minorities who do not have the power to face the corporations who own the hazardous waste facilities. It is laughable to think of what would occur if such a facility was proposed in Beverly Hills or Montecito because the citizens would be up in arms with many lawyers and politicians. Because predominantly ethnic and poor communities do not have such resources, they are unfairly subject to pollution which results from profit maximization. In conclusion, corporations extracting additional revenues damages the health of poor neighborhoods who do not have the capacity to resist the pollution in their homes. Of the various definitions for “sustainability” and “sustainable development” put forth by Agyeman, Bullard, and Evans, the most compelling and useful defines one sustainability as “the need to ensure a better quality of life for all, now, and into the future, in a just and equitable manner, while living within the limits of supporting ecosystems (Agyeman et al., p. 2). This definition is particularly suitable to sustainability because it captures its social justice component rather than portraying it as a solely environmental issue. Another key part is the mentioning of intra-generational equity which is crucial because many people fighting for sustainability will not be able to see the fruits of their labor but must still
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